This column has like aim give to know to people (any person or group) with the one who simpatizamos.

We want a very long list here, and ask you feed it and complete it.

To start with we mention Gar GARAIALDE GARATE, the one who we consider the prophetess of the Age of Aquarius and, Ger GERTZEN, writer of Basque-German origin. His work inspires us, even to having created our Fellowship.

REEVO. REd de Educador@s VOluntari@s. Promoters of the film La Educación Prohibida, in addition to carrying out other a lot of initiatives. They expect your help to be able to seat the bases of The New Society.

In spite of that, for now, do not work more than in French and in France, the initiative Colibris It is to mention.

Also we stand out to his promoter and inspiring Pierre RABHI, That is doing an important work.

El Arca, It is the network of communities that created Shantidas or Lanza Del Vasto And that went extending from France until his demise. In Spain arrived to have until three communities, although now it does not remain more than a group of friends of. The last years his expansion has limited a lot, but keeps on being a good reference of face to the construction of the New Era.

There is another film that has liked us. But before supporting it have to correct what ask them: an insult to the 19 million exterminated in Mexico (95% of the population) by the Spanish terrorism of the XVI century.


Here we will give you to know any initiative that have to see with our philosophy.

You can propose us any event or initiative that share our values. We will analyse it and, if we coincide, we will reflect it here.

To start with we will mention the book GAR, La Profetisa De La Era De Acuario de Ger GERTZEN. Following the link will be able to read the first chapter of this book and, throwing of the thread, do you with the rest.

We share fully his vision and values, then , in reality, this book and author have inspired us and fact be born like Fellowship.

La Educación Prohibida is another of our recommendations. In spite of being a film realised in Spanish (especially in his Argentinian variant) there is quantity of options in subtitels to be able to know his good new: we Need other roads of education and are possible!

TERA. Although it is not more than a project still, need many like this to create a New World.

Le Message. There are a lot of people that considers that we do not live in a democracy but in a Plutocratic Oligarchy. And we coincide with this opinion. We range us with his project and consider that the can has to be in hands of the Village and no in the hands of some addicted politicians to the power, that offer us each so much preseleccionados by the big powerful of the money, that is the one who decides, deep down.

La Vraie Démocratie. Similar to the previous proposal and tied to her.

Builders Of New Age

The World, our civilisation especially, is in a deep crisis. The current predatory system, consumista, capitalist is in roads to finish with the Planet. At least if the Friends of the Planet do not detain and sustituímos before this system.

But this replacement will not have to be mere cosmetic, does not have to be the mere replacement of those who are to the power, but it has to seer create an entirely different system: we have to replace completely the values that have brought us until this point.

This system that have to create (and want to create) has to base in these values:

- Freedom. Anybody has to dominate to anybody, all the people have to have the right to do of our life what want to, have to can do the options that want in the subjects that concern us. No to the imposiciones!

- Equality. All the people are distinct, and have to be it. But we have to have the same rights: no to the Monarchy, no to the oligarchy, no to the aristocracy, no to the abuse of the power, no to the imperialism, no to the enchufismo, no to the machismo, no to the sexismo, no to the homofobia, no to any discrimination!

- Fraternity: All the living beings share origin, afterwards we all are relatives. It is more, in reality we share an alone soul, that looks to be divided in individual souls (like the water of the ocean can appear in shape of drops). Before or afterwards we will confront us to all the bad that have generated to our prójimos, as join us to his souls is our unavoidable destination. So, act with respect and unit for with the others living beings is to act with respect and unit for achieve itself. Is our duty.

- Solidarity. The World has remained us small to compete and litigate us. We have to begin for covering the basic needs of each person (hunger, are, ceiling, work, physical and mental health...), afterwards we work for improving the life of all the people, building jointly, no against the others people, one at the side of the another, anybody on of anybody. The current System bases in the individualism, the isolation and the selfishness, it is necessary to finish with these values to be able to build a better system.

- No-Violence. It is joined to all the previous, is the base and the consequence of all this. We have to avoid do use of the violence with the excuse to fix the conflicts, and generate other courses to solve the problems really and from the root.

- Respect. For with us same, for with the other people, for with the rest of beings, for with the Environment. The respect bases in the understanding and the acceptance of the processes of each. It has to be, of course, mutual. Not accepting the imposiciones is, also, the base of the respect.

- Love to the life. Our only real possession and only treasure is the life. Once lost our life, the rest turns into at all. Each living being has his place, his function in the Vital Network that comprises us. Claro that have the right to defend us of and neutralise the attacks of those who that can damage us. But our basic posture has to be the respect to the life.

- Sobriety. Seen that they are the avarice and the thirst to be able to those that originate the greater part of the conflicts, it is necessary to renounce to they, before they finish with us. Need of a strong movement of people that accept to conform with covering his minimum and real needs, people joined, that plant in front of the system and the values that carry Our Only Home to the Planetary disaster.

- Simplicity. We have to facilitate, make possible and encourage live of the simplest form possible, costing us of the simplest technology possible. And we have to learn to be happy in this simplicity, in the abstemiousness. Like starting point have to promote the production of the own foods, as the most ecological feeding is the one who each produces of ecological way. Besides, like this we avoid the misfortune and the emigration forced in search of how survive.

- Health. The Life is our main value. But this has to be also worthy. Without health the life is not pleasant, sometimes not even arrives to be worthy. So the knowledge of our body, of his physiology and his processes is very important to favour them and can keep in health. From it does time the medical system and, especially, the pharmaceutical industry have construído a monopoly on our health, implusándonos to consume to buy our health. The care of the body is an art, and have to be handmade of our own health. Autogestión Of the health!

- Reason. The human being has common capacities to other animals (in elder or lower measure), has intuition, has also instinct, and has capacity to reason. We think that to act of rational form is the own road of the human being, in addition to being his distinctive capacity and diferenciadora. Sometimes the reasoning is too slow (when we give us account that have the hand in the fire, for example) and have to act by instinct (taking out the before possible this hand of the fire). In occasions the reason does not clear us the sufficient the way and have to resort to the intuition. Other times the (re)feelings confuse us. Thus we have to find and promote ways to balance, harmonise reason, emotions, intuition...

- Joy. In our First World have lost the joy. Almost all the people that cross in the street carry serious faces or, even, concerned. The countries that present higher taxes of suicide are the rich. And they are the rich people those that present higher taxes of consumption of ansiolíticos. Instead, in the greater part of the countries of the third world, his inhabitants live with the smile in the face. We have to recover this: we have to (re)learn to live happy and cheerful where live and with what have. And if construír an Alternative World and Justo does not do us happy, if the people that are in this effort do not feel and transmit happiness, are not in the good way.

- Elimination of borders. In the current world the money has every time less borders. And, instead, the people with borders increasingly strict. Each day thousands of people in the Planet play the life escaping of the misfortune, of the threats, of the violence. We have to do disappear these murderous borders, so that all person can travel freely. But, at the same time and more imporante still, have to struggle so that they disappear the misfortune, the discriminations, the intolerance, violence and the war, so that anybody have to huír of his country.

- Peace. We have to learn the before possible to live in peace with us same. Accept our own history and reality, discover our personal conflicts, accept them and work for surpassing them. We have to accept and put us in peace with what are and what have. Our current system has us (bad)bred in the avarice and the wish to be able to: if we do not have determined can or such possessions are not happy. And when we have them neither. Another enemy of the peace is the competition. We have to abandon this paradigm after the Collaboration. The lie is another factor of violence and any another imposición (or attempt of) also is it.

- Environmentalism. The Earth is the only place where know can give the life (at least the based in the chemistry of the carbon and the oxidation of the same by means of oxygen). (At least by the moment) do not have another House. Besides, like the Life has evolved here during five thousand million years, this is the most adapted place for our life, as the living beings have been created evolving in the same. So respect to all the living beings and his processes is fundamental. There are a lot of examples of how the human beings prejudice to the living beings and to the environment. So it already is time to to learn and to begin to live in the Earth with Respect. There is not another road.

- Democracy. But authentic democracy. The subjects of each determinate group have to solve of democratic form. If it can by consensus. But it has to be authentic democracy, where all the people decide, and no a plutocratic oligarchy as in the actuality, that unseen after political-marioneta of his interests, like raisin in this false democracy so generalised in the first world. And anybody has to be forced to form part of a group any one, if it does not want to.

- Sociability. This ingediente is necessary so that any society was possible, is like the oil that greases an engine so that his internal frictions no it gripen, spoil. We do that our society do it indispensable, promoting the goodness in the people from the shortest age. If we value and we boost the well that it can give each person, will have this, if we value the money, what boost are the people that are able to knead it, was with scruples or without them. And this is what happens in the actuality, that generate systems in which the important is to accumulate money, no goodness or good relations.


In the next pages we go to expand all this and deepen in this. Claro that, for this, expect and wish your help. Escríbemos To the direction "" to do your contribution. Apology that do not write it clearly, but want to avoid messages no wished. And if you want to help us to that this page (or any one of our writings) appear(n) in another tongue added or correct the already published, do not have more than proposing us it. Our vocation is international, want to arrive to all the tongues, to all the countries, to all the World, to all the Universe. The Revolution Acuariana needs The Unit of all, of all, of everything, of the Everything!

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